Cindy Paws | Kitchen & Grill

It’s not easy owning your own restaurant business. Our goal is to provide information about general restaurant strategies from employment and…

Meeting The Customers Expectations

Being a hostess is an important part of the restaurant business. The position is the face of the establishment. It…

Customize Your Own Cooking Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house. It can be a place where families spend…

Eat And Drink Responsibly

Eat and drink happily, whenever you can; but, do it responsibly. Los Angeles is the restaurant capital of the west coast. This is…

Earning Your Spot In The Kitchen

You have worked for the same restaurant for ten years and you have earned your wage, your position in the kitchen,…

Cleaning Up After a Meal

A restaurant needs to provide quality ingredients in the foods they serve for many reasons. A customer will know the amount…

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